Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Around Here

Yeah, I know.  I'm so far behind there is no way I can catch up, but I'm just going to jot down a few things that have been going on around here. 
--Unfortunately, we have spent a lot of time sick.  I mean A LOT of time.  Luckily, we haven't seen anything too serious, but lots of smaller sicknesses.  We've had a stomach bug make the rounds a few times (eewwww...), pink eye, lots of infected ears, asthma flare-ups...  It has been really bad.  In the entire month of November, there were only 4 days that all five kids went to school.  December hasn't been much better.  Preschool is kicking our butts!
--In more sad news, my little sister Karen moved.  And not just across the state or to a neighboring state.  Nope, she and her family moved all the way to Portland, Oregon!  So sad.  I know that I have been spoiled to have all of my siblings living within about 90 minutes for most of my life, but I am so sad that they are now on the other side of the country.  I am excited for them starting a new adventure, but I'm really going to miss my sister, her husband and their sweet kids.  Right before they left, they had their daughter Nora's second birthday party.  Look how adorable she is enjoying that cupcake!

This may not be a great picture, but here are seven of us eight siblings at Nora's party.
(unfortunately, my brother Tom wasn't there)

--With all of the sickness, the kids have felt some sensations they had never experienced before.  While I hate to hear that they aren't feeling well, they find interesting ways to put words to these feelings. 
Julia was coming down with a fever and got weepy eyes one day.  As she was wiping her eyes, she told me, "Mommy, my eyes keep drooling."
Drew's asthma was pretty bad and it broke my heart when he woke me up to tell me, "My breath hurts."
Julia is quite a trooper.  She spent an entire night vomiting.  The next morning, she was sleeping in our bed while Rod and planned the day.  The girls had ballet class that evening.  While Julia was obviously going to have to miss class, I told Rod I needed him home to watch her, since I couldn't keep her in the waiting room with me.  We were surprised when she spoke up (we had thought she was still asleep) and said, "I can just take my barf-bucket with me." (and, no.  we didn't take her up on her offer.  we kept her home.)

--In much happier news, the girls had their first ballet recital.  Miraculously, all were healthy enough to dance.  They did a great job.  All of them got up on stage and danced.  They didn't necessarily do the same moves at the same time, but they got out there and performed!  I was so proud.
My sweet, sweet ballerinas
--A recent conversation with Will-

Will: Don't you with we had a lot of kids?
Me: Well, five kids is pretty many.
Will: Yeah, but don't you wish you had like a hundred kids and they were all my age and they all liked wrestling and fart jokes?
Yep, that would be like a dream come true...;-)
--Our lovely niece, Taylor, was crowned Miss Independence a few weeks ago.  The kids were thrilled!  We went to see her in the Christmas parade and the girls were so excited to see her in her crown just like a real princess!
--This morning, the kids were all playing. The girls went down to the basement to play while Drew was on the first floor. He came to me and asked, "Where are the others?" I didn't know what he meant and asked, "The other what?". He looked confused for a second, then said, "The other 'me's." I asked, "You mean your sisters?" He nodded.
For the record, none of my kids are identical and he is the only boy. Life with multiples is funny:-)
Hopefully, I'll be back soon with our Christmas preparations. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Looking Back at October (part 2)

We had a big night out that had nothing to do with Halloween, but was a huge hit regardless
 We took our princes and princesses to see Disney on Ice!!

We had great seats!!  We were only a few rows from the ice!

After a minute or two, I put the camera away and just focused on the kids enjoying the magic of Disney.  They were adorable and enjoyed every minute.  They have talked about this night ever since.  Izzie has now said that when she grows up, she wants to be a skater with Disney on Ice.

We also went over to Rod's Aunt Connie's house to decorate Halloween cookies!

The kids set up at the counter to get decorating!

Julia is ready to go!

Paige decorating some cookies

Aunt Connie helping Drew 

Grandma and Grandpa helping Julia

Will mostly just wanted to play and wrestle with Connie's dog, Rascal. 

The quads' preschool class had a Halloween party and I got to go and help.

Izzie and Drew eating their snacks


We had such a fun-filled October!!

Friday, November 23, 2012


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful day!  My family came over and everyone enjoyed each other's company and way too much food.  Of course I am thankful for my lovely family, our health and well-being, but let's not forget the more over-looked items on my thankful list.

-- Hot coffee with lots of cream.

-- Internet shopping.

-- Friends who make me laugh during rough days.

-- Date night.

-- Yoga pants.

-- Curious George.

-- Good books.

-- Facebook.

-- Bad pop music and sing- and dance-alongs with the kids.

-- White chocolate peppermint M&Ms.

-- Christmas decorations.

-- Wine.

This is by no means a complete list, but these are a few of my favorite things.
So much to be thankful for!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Looking back at October (part 1)

During the month of October, I did not do a good job of keeping the blog up to date, but we did do a good job of getting out and enjoying the season.
Will's Cub Scout troop went to a pumpkin patch, so we took the little people along and enjoyed a family outing.
 The kids in front of the pumpkin patch.
(Paige's face cracks me up)

We went through a corn maze and learned that we are terrible at them.  It was a small-ish maze meant for kids and families and we were stuck in there for a very long time.  Of course, the kids had a great time :-)


 Each kid picked out a pumpkin.

Then we enjoyed the petting zoo.
Izzie and Paige petting some sheep.

Drew and Daddy petting the pony.

Then we went to our first trick or treat of the season at my in-law's campground.  
 The kids were the Scooby Gang.  And I must say they were the cutest Scooby Gang ever!
(Will- Fred, Drew- Shaggy, Izzie- Scooby, Paige- Velma, Julia- Daphne)

We walked around with their cousins Ana and Taylor and Taylor's fiance, Sam.
(Sam- Aladdin, Taylor- Jasmine, Ana- Abu)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Cell Phone Pics

Just some cute pics of my cute kids...
The kids' cousin Kate is in the quads' preschool class with them.  The kids love seeing Kate so often, and they also love getting to see their younger cousin Ellie at each drop-off and pick-up.
Here are Paige and Julie walking down the hall, holding hands with Ellie one day at pick-up.
Seriously, how cute are they?

We were heading outside to play recently, when Izzie stopped to grab the kids' Woody doll.  She wanted to swing with him!  She put him on a swing and gave him a push.  She hopped on the glider next to him, but each time Woody's swing slowed down, she would stop and give him another push.

 It was seriously adorable.

I love this pic of Julia leaving dance class the other day.

She has her hoodie on, her dance bag over her shoulder, she's wearing sunglasses and a strand of plastic beads and she's eating her sucker the teacher gave them.  Is she the coolest kid you know, or what?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

King's Island 2012

A couple of weeks ago, Rod's company spent the day at King's Island.  We took the kids and had a great time!  The quads are really getting to the age where they can enjoy the rides and attractions.  Will is getting so big-- he actually rode some big rides outside of the kiddie-land!  We had so much fun that Rod and I have actually talked about possibly getting season passes next year.
When we first got there, we met up with Rod's family to watch a Halloween-themed musical show.  I wasn't sure what the kids would think, but they really enjoyed it and sat still, watching the entire show.
 Izzie sat with Aunt Connie and Uncle Mark

Heaven help me.  My little ladies man Drew mostly like the back-up dancers.  He was in my lap and several times during the show, he pointed to one of the dancers and said, "That one's my favorite."  Yeah, in about 10 years, I'll be searching for a monastery...
 Drew with two of the dancers (the one on his left was 'his favorite')

Here is some proof of just how big my kids are--
 The quads went on their first roller coaster!

Yes, it was a small kid's coaster, but they rode it and loved it!
 They were even brave and put their hands up!

The quads hanging out with Aunt Connie
(Will and Rod went to ride some bigger rides)

Then we went and got lunch.  After lunch--  Face Painting!  The kids saw several kids with their faces painted and wanted to get theirs done.  After waiting in line for a million years, I even got talked into getting mine done.  Sadly, Will didn't want his done :-(
 Drew, Izzie, Paige, Julia and Mommy

Everyone got together for one last ride

While I often feel a bit sad and sentimental watching my little babies grow into big kids, days like this one are reminders of how much fun we get to have with our big kids!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Homecoming! (x4)

This year the quads turned four.  They are becoming more aware of the festivities surrounding birthdays.  They were very excited about celebrating their big day and picking their cake.  There's the rub.  One day, four kids.  How are we supposed to decide on a cake?  It hardly seems fair to have to vote on your birthday cake.
The solution we came up with was to also celebrate each quad's 'Homecoming Day'- the day that child was sent home from the NICU.  On each kid's Homecoming Day, that kid got to pick a special dinner and I made a cake decorated how they wanted.  It seemed like the least we could do.
 Julia came home first.  She wanted a pink cake and we had lasagna for dinner.

Izzie was second.  She asked for a Rapunzel cake and had a very specific menu for dinner. 
Macaroni and cheese, blueberries and strawberry yogurt.

Paige was third.  She wanted a blue cake and we had pizza for dinner.
Drew was last.  He wanted a Batman cake and Chicken Parmesan for dinner.
The downside to our plan is that the kids came home within five days.  Yes, we had four cakes in five days.  In an attempt to limit the cake, each kid got one 9" round, so it was really only half a cake each night, but believe me-- That is still a lot of cake!
Oh well, it was totally worth all of the cake that got thrown away.  The kids all knew when it was 'their day.'  They would talk about it all day long.  The looks on their faces when we sang to them in the evening (We sang 'Happy Homecoming' to the tune of 'Happy Birthday') made it official.  We now have four new holidays to celebrate each year.  In many ways, the quads are lucky to share their big day and the special bond that goes along with it, but every kid should get to pick their own birthday dinner and cake, Right?