Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Better Day...

I didn't post anything yesterday, but that was intentional. It was not a day I want to remember. My husband is out of town with work for a few days, so I am on my own. The day went pretty well, no major mishaps, but bedtime was a complete meltdown. I ended up being the crazy, screaming Mom to my crazy, screaming three year old. By the time I got him to sleep, I was so worked up, I couldn't think straight. I hate losing my temper. Now when I have a bad night like that, on top of feeling guilty for yelling at Will, I also have to worry about how on Earth I am going to survive four three year olds at once. God help me.
Today was a better day. I woke up hearing the babies chattering in the nursery instead of crying for me. This is like waking up to birds singing. A Mom's ideal wake-up call. Will slept in a bit and woke up in a much better mood than he went down. All five kids were in pretty good moods all day. For a couple of weeks now, I have been trying to show the babies how to wave Hello and Goodbye. Well, as of today, Drew and Izzie are waving. They are so cute. They realized that they had an impressive trick and waved all afternoon. Just sitting there laughing and waving. In the evening, my sister Sara came over to help out with the kids. She is wonderful with the babies and it is great having an extra set of hands around. It was also nice having some adult conversation after the kids were in bed. Everyone went down peacefully tonight-- Praise God!
Isn't it amazing how one night can make such a difference? I went to bed last night a frustrated, angry woman, feeling like the World's Worst Mom. Now approximately 24 hrs later, I feel like the luckiest Mom in the World. I have five amazing, gorgeous kids who make me laugh every single day. My laundry is piled up and my son watched more tv today than he should have, but overall we are a happy family. I know that in the coming years, I will have more days like yesterday where I consider running away and never coming home, but I hope they can always be followed by a day like today. A day where things run along smoothly, and I feel like I not only can do this, I might even be pretty good at it. I am blessed to have this wonderful family and so thankful for the opportunity to raise the best kids in the world!

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