Friday, July 17, 2009

Enjoy the Silence

Well, it's night and all five kiddos are asleep. The house is full of that beautiful silence that can only be heard after a day of noise. Lots of noise. The babies are all chatty. Sitting babbling to themselves, me, each other, the dog... You get the idea. Lots of babbling. Will has always been a big talker. Talk loudly, talks a lot. Our priest, Father Mario, tells him that since he likes to talk so much he should become a priest. Today, though, was even more than usual. During his entire swim lesson he talked to Nick and Luke, the other little boys in the class. He talked to his teacher Laura. He would bob up and down in the pool yelling "Mommy! Look at me!" every time his little head appeared over the edge. When my husband got home from work this evening, Will began rambling on at such length (and volume) that finally Rod was forced to ask Will if he could be quiet for two minutes. Will looked at him quizzically, said yes, then continued talking. When bed time came around, he cried saying he wasn't tired and didn't want to go to bed. Rod carried him upstairs and he was out cold in less that five minutes. All that talking must be exhausting.
We have some friends in town and they called asking if we could get together tonight. Rod asked me if I wanted to invite them over. We already have plans to see them tomorrow, but I would like to see them tonight as well. However, if we have them over this evening, I will need to straighten up the house and maybe brush my hair. Nuisances, but what really made me send Rod out for a beer at a local bar with them, was I'm not willing to give up my silence. It has been another loud, long, crazy week and I made it through. I just want to sit and enjoy the silence. I have earned this silence. Peace.

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