Thursday, July 2, 2009

I blew it already?!?!

Well, that was very impressive. I made it exactly one day of writing daily before I blew it. My commitment is astounding! My excuse for not writing yesterday is I went to my monthly Mom's Night Out. I belong to Tri-State Multiples. It is a support organization for parents of higher order multiple- triplets or more. It is such an amazing group of women. We are a diverse group, but we are all connected by our experience of raising multiples. Shortly after finding out I was carrying quads, I was put in touch with Amy Mullins, a local quad Mom, and she introduced me to the group. It was just what I needed. At the time I was so frightened about everything that was ahead. I didn't know if I could get through the pregnancy, and if I did, what then? These women shared their stories and convinced me that I would be able to do this. They are always available for questions, advice or just to listen. Recently, one of our members, Michelle Ranes, was in a terrible car accident. She will be hospitalized for months while she recovers. The speed and passion with which these ladies jumped to her aide was beautiful. Meals are being taken to her house. Money is being raised to help with bills. One of the ladies is an accountant and she is helping her husband figure out all of their financial needs right now. It is absolutely amazing to see these ladies step up for one of our own. I am very lucky to have each of these women in my life. The difference they have made on my wild ride is immeasurable.

Okay. This was officially yesterday's post, so I will write more tonight. I'm getting back on the wagon and this time I will behave! Well, we'll see.

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  1. welcolme to the world of "bloggers"
    Do you know MostOnline ? many "quad's moms" are members of this forum

    if you want to discover other Quads that have the same age as yours, I recommend these blogs :
    the king quads (born at + 35w), born few hours after yours (sept 9 08)

    & the Walker (sept 12 08)