Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Will Says the Darndest Things...

The problem with posting during their afternoon naps is that assumes they all take their afternoon nap. Generally, yes. Yesterday, no. Well, today the morning nap was a disaster, so all five kids are down and should stay down for a while. I've already folded a bunch of laundry, put more in and now I'm taking a break to write before the dreaded bottle duty- yuck. I hate washing and making bottles. The babies are only about 8 weeks from a year and I swear I want to have a bottle burning party when we are finally finished with those things. I am fed up with dealing with bottles!!

Well, Will is a very sweet adorable boy, but he is also wild and rambunctious. There are days I have trouble remembering why we haven't sold him yet. Then he reminds me... From time to time he will come out with the sweetest, funniest, most oddball comments. He drives me crazy most days, but makes me laugh every day. He has asked several times why we had four babies when most families only have one at a time. I always tell him we were "extra blessed." Yesterday morning I was looking at some pictures online of triplets a mother in my group just had. He walked up behind me, saw the screen and yelled, "Look Mommy! That lady was extra blessed too!" How sweet is that? It reminded me of the first time he saw triplets a few months before and he asked me that lady only had three babies. I explained that three is a lot too and that most women have one at a time. I told him that when I had him I only had one baby. His mouth dropped open. He clearly had not considered this yet and was very shocked! What a funny little guy!
Today we were at his swim lessons and he had to take a potty break in the middle. I walked him down the hallway to the restroom. After he had gone, we were walking back to the pool and passed the gymnasium. The girls volleyball team was practicing in there. He stopped by the open door and I told him to hurry up, we had to get back to the pool. He said, "Hold on, I want to look at the girls a little longer." Wow! He isn't even four yet! I thought that I had longer before I had to try and control his hormones. God help me when that boy is fourteen!
Sometimes a comment like these makes all the difference in a day. I can be having a terrible day and in a lousy mood. Then Will says something that makes me laugh and I can shake off the rest. In some ways, handling the quads is more difficult with a toddler, but in other ways, he really does help me. He can put me in a good mood or just remind me that one day these babies will be able to do a lot of things for themselves and I will actually miss doing everything-- well maybe.

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