Monday, August 3, 2009

4 sick babies = 1 sad Mama

Well, it all started about 10 days ago. The babies' noses were running, they had small coughs and were a little grouchy. It's that time of year and no one was completely miserable, so I just assumed it was allergies. Well, I blamed it on allergies and I blamed it on allergies, then I finally had to say, "Things are getting worse, not better. It is beginning to affect their breathing. This is lingering and I just need to take them to the pediatrician." I got them appointments for the afternoon and I'm so glad I did. The good news, no pneumonia-- that had been my big fear. We did have infected ears-- 2 for poor Drew, 1 for Izzie. They were all diagnosed with infections in the back of their noses-- I didn't write it down and can't remember the name Dr Fiedler used for this infection. They are taking antibiotics and getting as much love as Mommy can dish out. Hopefully they will be feeling better soon. Big brother's birthday is this weekend and I made sure the party is somewhere that they can have fun as well as the big kids, so I don't want anyone to feel bad on the big day. The good news, Drew was sick and it didn't make his asthma flare. Dr Fiedler said that this is a big deal because most asthmatics will flare up if anything lowers their immunity. He said the fact that Drew didn't start wheezing, could mean his prior "asthma" diagnosis could have been an isolated incident. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
We also got to get some weight updates. I knew that my babies were getting big, but I was still surprised:

We have a new smallest!
Paige - 17lbs 9oz
Julia - 17lbs 15oz
Isabella - 19lbs 8oz
Big Man Drew - 22lbs 10oz

So, I was surprised to see Paige come in lighter than Julia. I also didn't think that Izzie was that close to 20 lbs. Guess she wants her car seat turned around at 1 year! I'm counting these as their 11 month weights since it is so close. We'll see who is how big in a little over a month when they turn the big 1!!!!!

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