Monday, August 3, 2009

Breaking News... We Have a Walker!!!

Well, for a week or two now I have been telling everyone that it is a race between Isabella, Drew and Paige to see who would walk first. The three of them love to cruise around the family room behind their little pushy walking toy. In all honesty, I thought that Drew would be the first, just for the enthusiasm he has for pushing it around. We finally had our big moment, only it was with... (drum roll please)Izzie!!!
She stepped away from Aunt Connie and stood by herself for a moment. I was sitting maybe 3 or 4 feet away on the floor. I called out to her, but was still very surprised when she toddled on over!! She took 6 or 7 steps. It was amazing!! I promptly turned her around and sent her back to Aunt Connie and off she went. Several different times she took as many as 8 steps. We clapped and cheered- she would clap right along with us. She was proud as well- as she should be. We worked with the others for a little while, but no one else has taken more than one step on their own. Julia is still lagging behind the others here. She doesn't stand up by herself for very long. Paige and Drew are so close, I'm sure they'll be walking very soon, but tonight was Izzie's big night. I'm so proud of my big girl. Walking before 11 mos... Who said they were preemies?

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