Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Will!!!!

It is completely and totally unbelievable, yet it is true. My first little baby is four years old today. August 8, 2005 is one of a few sacred days permanently etched on my brain. It actually started on Sunday the 7th. I was 11 days (yes, you read that correctly 11 days) past due. Rod and I were up and getting ready for his family reunion. We were sitting in our bed talking. When I got up, I realized that there was a small wet spot under me. I mean really small. Maybe the size of a half dollar. I pointed it out to Rod and asked him what he thought. Why I was asking the one person more clueless than me, I have no idea. Well, he said it doesn't look like much, let's just wait and see. At this point I was having NSTs every couple of days and my Dr. had already scheduled an induction for Wednesday the 10th. I had a couple more small wet spots that day, but figured I would just ask the nurse at my NST the next day. We went ahead and went to his family reunion. Yes, we went to his family reunion with my water broken-- completely clueless. I went to my test the next morning and told the nurse what I had experienced. She had me go see the Dr. so he could test the fluid and see what it was. Of course it was amniotic fluid, so he sent me to the hospital. Rod wasn't even with me, I had to call him and have him come meet me. The crazy thing is, at this point I was 12 days past due, my water had broken, and I still wasn't having any contractions. I am telling you, without pitocin, I would have a giant 4 year old inside of me today. He was not budging. This bode very well for my quad pregnancy. I carried quads 34 weeks and 2 days with few contractions and at my c-section I was still only dilated 1-2 cm. I can't get pregnant, but I can stay pregnant.
Anyway, back to Will. They started me on a pitocin drip and the contractions started. They started getting a little stronger, but I thought, "This isn't that bad. I can handle this." Besides, I was terrified of the epidural needle. The contractions continued growing until I had a really big one and gush!! I was told that what had happened was I had a "high tear" in the sac, meaning it had torn up above the baby's head, so the head was blocking most of the fluid from coming out. The big contraction had finished the tear and now everything was coming out. Well, in our childbirth classes, the nurse had said that labor is less painful with the water cushioning the baby's head against your cervix. The lady did not lie. Things changed quickly. I was no longer at all afraid of the epidural needle. If they had had to shoot me with a gun, I wouldn't have cared. I just wanted relief!
I loved my epidural!! It was wonderful! I could still feel the contractions, but they no longer hurt-- a miracle! Soon after, I made it to 10 cms. I began pushing, and pushed, and pushed, and pushed... Dr. Gerwe mentioned forceps, but I hated the idea of my baby's head being squashed between salad tongs! I pushed, and pushed, and pushed... Finally, it had been nearly 3 hrs. Dr. Gerwe told me at 3 hrs, my options were forceps or a c-section. I agreed to the forceps. They upped my epidural, and told me to give a big push and keep pushing! I did and out came the most beautiful baby I had ever laid eyes on. He was perfect! A couple of marks from the forceps, but perfect. Mommy was not so good. I was told I had a 3rd and 1/2 degree tear. At the time (I'm not sure if he still does), Will had the largest head Dr. Gerwe had ever delivered vaginally. Not a record any woman wants to hold.
They cleaned him up and put him on my chest. There are simply no words for this moment. My heart began to swell so strongly with love that my chest actually ached for a bit. In that moment, I knew that I could never love anything more than this precious child. I would die or kill for him without a second thought. I looked over at my handsome husband and realized that this forever changed our relationship also. By this time we had been married 5 years and loved each other very much, but to bring a life into the world that is half him and half me-- that added a whole new dimension to us.
I love that each of my deliveries is so special. There is nothing like a quadruplet c-section, but there is also nothing like the birth of your first child. Two of the greatest days of my life. Happy Birthday William James!!!
August, 2005

August 8, 2009

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