Thursday, August 20, 2009

Party Planning and Pictures

So, the Lachmann family is in full-on party planning mode. Only a few weeks until the babies' first birthday party. That has been taking up a lot of my time and brain, so I'll post some funny pictures of my crew.

Yeah, we need to switch out this baby gate. That's our Izzie! She is the fearless leader of the crew.

Izzie again! She loves to climb into the swing on her own and swing.

The babies are sitting right next to a low, half wall between the family room and the kitchen. My husband (isn't it always the husband's fault?) left a bag of pretzels sitting on the wall. I have no evidence of who actually pulled the bag down, but review the 2 previous pictures and you'll figure out who my guess is. They were so cute hands and mouths full and so excited!

Oh yeah, that Will is quite a stud! The fashion risks are very bold!!

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  1. oh gosh, lol how funny!! I love the impromptu pretzel party and Will's fashion sense is impeecable! ~Susan