Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Uh Oh! Someone Conquered a New Skill

Well, it actually started yesterday. The babies were playing in the family room and I was in the kitchen getting Will his breakfast. Will yelled, "Mom! Look at Julia!" I turn around and see my sweet little Julia standing on the blue seat! Yep, she has been the first baby to manage to climb on to any furniture. The blue seat has an ottoman which sits maybe 1-2 inches lower than the chair, so she was able to pull herself on to it. She may not be my strongest baby, but she is the tallest. Height does have its advantages. Since she has discovered this skill, any time the babies are in the family room, which is most of the time, she wants to get up on the seat. She loves to sit on the blue seat as though it is her throne. She sits up there looking down on the other babies and babbling to them. She is definitely quite proud of herself. Of course, the problem is after you get up, you have to get down. She wanted to get down yesterday and, since I was right next to her in case I needed to catch her, I let her try to figure it out for herself. She tentatively tried to stick her feet down, but realized it wasn't working. I was so proud when she rolled onto her belly and eased herself backward down to the floor. So, no headers to the floor yet, but I am still not happy with this new skill. One more thing for Mommy to worry about!! What's next?

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