Friday, August 28, 2009

We Take on the Children's Museum!

Now that summer is coming to an end, my sister Joanna and I have realized that our time with Will and Alex before they start preschool is winding down. She called this morning and suggested a trip to the Cincinnati Children's Museum. The museum is wonderful and from our driveway to the parking lot is less than 20 minutes. They have hands on activities the children love. Will and Alex could spend all day there. They have an area reserved for children under 3, and within that an area for crawlers. The quads and Joanna's Kate (15 mos) got to run free in there for a little while. Joanna and I took turns staying with the little ones and going to the bigger exhibits with the older kids. Then, we loaded the little ones into their strollers and took a last stroll through all of the different areas before leaving.
I swear that one day I am actually going to remember to charge the camera battery. Today, however, I took the camera only to have it shut down shortly into our day due to a dead battery. Oh, well. I got some good pictures first...
The babies ready to take on this toddler's area

Will helps Drew get settled in.

My kids all loved the bar on the mirrored wall.




Joanna with all 4 little girls. Kate, Izzie, Julia and Paige. Sorry about the expression Joanna, but I love the pic of all the girls climbing on you.

Will playing at one of the hands on exhibits.

Joanna helps Will and Alex assemble a fish skeleton.

Well, we had a great time at the museum and now that we are home all 5 kids are asleep. That's my idea of a successful outing!!

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