Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's a QuadMom to Do?

So I just need to vent a little. I am always of two minds over what I am supposed to do about boring everyday errands. It is a pain in the butt to load up 5 kids, get everyone in their car seats, make sure the quad stroller is in the van, and this is just to leave the driveway. I know that it is hard, but isn't that just part of being a Mom? I mean I know they are trivial errands, but I remember really enjoying going to the store with my Mom. It isn't always practical for me to wait until I have a babysitter to do anything. And besides, it doesn't seem fair how much time the babies have to spend at home. Finally, I really want to have a normal family. Normal families go to the store and the post office and other things like that. I know that it isn't normal to have four babies at once, but guess what? That's what I got. I don't want them to grow up thinking them being quads is a nuisance to me or something to hide.
I realize that I am beginning to ramble, but this was an issue for me today. My Wonderful Aunt Connie comes by once or twice a week and lets me get out and get things done. She is on vacation this week. Well, I can't just stay in for an entire week. Also, I have things I have to get done. Today, I needed to pick up a few things from Staples. I loaded in the whole crew and we were on our way. One good thing about Staples is they have shopping carts. This way, I can put the babies in their stroller and push that while pulling a cart with Will sitting in it. The bad thing about Staples is their average employee is a 20ish man. I know that this is a generalization, but young men are pretty much terrified to see a Mom with 5 kids. They avoided me like the plague. I had to ask a question about some card stock and when I finally tracked down a young man, I could see him glancing nervously from me to the babies and back. I felt like promising him I wasn't going to ask him to hold a baby.
This is just a Mom complaint, singleton or quad. They had no changing stations in the bathroom. There is no excuse for this. I guess being an office supply store, they figure their clients don't need them, but I am a mother and I have spent thousands of dollars there buying supplies for my husband's business and supplies for myself and the house. Every public place should have at least one diaper changing station. Just had to be said.
My final complaint (for the minute), is comments from other people. I realize that we are sort of a spectacle, but like I asked, am I supposed to hide my children from public view because I have quadruplets? I usually adopt the ignore and keep moving or the smile, nod and keep moving tactic. They typically work pretty well, but occasionally I get an annoying person. Today we came across a teenage boy and his mother. The boy saw my kids and said, "look at all those babies!" This got my ignore and keep moving response. I was fine with him, but his Mom came running after us and asked, "How did that happen?" What am I supposed to say here? I guess she was asking if we underwent fertility treatments. Or maybe she didn't understand the whole sperm and egg thing? Either way I didn't think this was an appropriate conversation to have in the office supply store. I just stared at her for a moment until she said, "I've never seen four before." I simply said, "Yes, weren't we blessed", smiled and kept moving.
Sorry to blurt all of that out, I know it barely makes sense. I just don't know if the positives outweigh the negatives. When should I take the babies out with me and when do I just wait until I can go without them? I have had a lot of good outings with them, but today was not so great. I'm sure in a day or two, I will feel like taking them out again, but not right now. So talk to me multiples Moms. Do you take your crew out with you? Do you wait? Do you only take a few? Looking for any input. Thanks!

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