Monday, August 24, 2009

Will's Birthday Party

Yes, I am a bad Mommy and a bad blogger. I have intended to post pics of Wills bday party, but never seemed to get around to it. Well, I have to get these posted before we have the babies' party. No more slacking!
Back on August 9, we had Will's birthday party at Totter Otterville. We had a great time! They started off playing in the grocery store room. Alex was the cashier of course. That is her dream job when she grows up-- a grocery store cashier. Hey, you gotta have goals!!

Zach bought some things for Karen Bennett

Will and Zach bought out the whole place--he's seen me grocery shop before!!
There was a fabulous infant room the babies loved. The entire thing was padded and baby proof. They had complete reign over the place. I told Rod we need to deck out the playroom like this.

Paige and Drew

Julia and Izzie

Then they had a puppet show and the puppets sang Happy Birthday to Will.

Next we moved on to the Firehouse Room for the party. It was great! They had real firetrucks in there the kids got to play with, while dressed like real firefighters!
They even had enough highchairs for all the babies

Alex gets in her gear

Emily is ready to go!

Huck and Max work the light bars.

Malcolm gets a turn at the lights

The kids get ready for pizza, cake and ice cream. Yum!!

Will with his Cars cake

My big boy had a wonderful day celebrating his birthday. I'm so happy we all got to wish him a happy birthday. I am so proud of the boy he is growing up to be!! I love you Will!!!

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