Sunday, September 13, 2009

Big Boy Drew's First Haircut

None of my babies has a ton of hair. Izzie is the only one I would say has a full head yet. Drew does not have very much hair, but his hair is getting long. Specifically, the hair over his ears was getting long. I called it his "Bozo hair", because it would stick out and curl. I wanted to wait until he was at least 1 year old to get his hair cut, and truthfully, I was putting it off because I knew that it would make him look older and break my heart a little bit. Well, they turned 1 on Tuesday and had their big party on Sunday (yes, today... That post will come soon. Need to collect pictures and process everything), so I decided on Friday I would take Will to get a trim and Drew would get his first haircut.

We went to Kiddie Kastle. It's a small, local place where I have been taking Will since his very first haircut years ago (it's a bit of a drive since we moved, so I once tried to take Will to a nearby Supercuts and the hysteria that followed has made the drive worth every minute and every drop of gas.) They do a really good job with kids, but Drew was great!! He sat still and let her work on him without a minute's fuss. I was very proud of him.

Drew getting settled in the "car seat" for his big cut.

She cleaned up the ends.

Ohhhh!!!! Look how handsome my baby-- I mean big boy is!

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