Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Babies!!!!

Today my babies are one year old. I swear I can close my eyes and imagine waking up September 8th of last year- so nervous and excited! This last year has definitely been the wildest year of my life. Have the babies. 4 days later have an attorney come to my hospital room so we could sign papers to buy a new house. 1 day later leave the hospital leaving behind my sweet babies. On Sunday Sept. 21st we moved into our new home. On Tuesday Sept. 23rd, I brought Julia home. The next day, Isabella. The next day, Paige. Then finally on Saturday Sept. 27th, I brought home Drew. At last, I was in my new home (well, sort of. We still have packed boxes), surrounded by all of my children. Heaven!

From there on it's a blur. Bottles, diapers, baths... It seemed like I was in a never-ending cycle of the same thing all day every day. At the same time, everything was changing. I was with the babies nearly all of the time, so some of the changes snuck up on me. I would look at a baby one day and be amazed at how tight their sleeper had become. Suddenly, I would turn around and one was rolling over, then crawling, now I have walking, climbing monkeys! These babies can do anything they set their mind to. While this does add some challenge to my job, I am so proud to see them reach every goal. I think back to the day we found out I was carrying quads and the RE tried to convince me to reduce. He talked at length about the risk and how poor the odds were of me delivering 4 healthy babies. My gorgeous children are truly miracles! One year ago today, my life became 4 times busier, 4 times more complicated and 4 times better.

Today was Will's first day of preschool. While he was at school this morning, Rod and I took the quads to Good Samaritan Hospital to visit the doctors and nurses who assisted in our little miracles. We visited the NICU, Special Care Obstetrics (my home for a month before the babies' birth) and my OB/Gyn.

Dr. Lambers visiting the babies.

Izzie Sept. 8, 2008

Izzie Sept. 8, 2009

Julia Sept. 8, 2008

Julia Sept. 8, 2009

Drew Sept. 8, 2008

Drew Sept. 8, 2009

Paige Sept. 8, 2008

Paige Sept. 8, 2009

My wild crew Sept.8, 2009