Monday, October 26, 2009

IRH Reunion at the Zoo!!!!!

Well, this Saturday the Institute for Reproductive Health, the RE who helped me conceive my five children, held their Baby Bash at the Cincinnati Zoo. It was a cold morning, but once the sun broke through the clouds, it turned out to be a really nice day. Will is always up for a trip to the zoo, and even though the babies aren't necessarily interested in the animals yet, the plant life and everything at the zoo is so beautiful, they love to just look around and check everything out.
I have very mixed emotions about Dr. Awadalla, my RE. It is hard to feel anything but gratitude for the man who helped you conceive 5 children when you feared your lifetime total would be 0, however, I can never forget how hard he pushed us to reduce when we discovered I was carrying quadruplets. I believe him when he says that he just wanted the best odds for me to take home at least 1 healthy baby, but being encouraged to terminate some of your babies leaves a scar. Particularly how very hard he pushed. He quoted terrible statistics (which I'm pretty sure were outdated or inaccurate.) I left his office in tears convinced that I was going to lose some or all of these babies and those that survived would be severely handicapped. Because of this, I was not going to miss this reunion. Not in a bratty way, I just wanted him to see my gorgeous, happy, healthy babies and I hope he thinks about my family the next time some woman conceives quads under his care. Maybe he will not be so hard on her.
Even though I went in with these mixed emotions, it was nice to see Dr. Awadalla again. He was very happy to see the babies and Will. He was very sweet with them. I looked around and thought what a great day this was for his office. Surrounded by little blessings you had a role in creating. How very gratifying that must feel.
Will loves the zoo. We made sure to hit all of his favorites.

Will thought that it was hysterical that this cat was named Bob. Yes, it was a "bob"cat.

His favorite animals in the whole zoo, though, are the giraffes. One is even named Tessa. like one of his Aunts.

He loves the animals, but we spent a lot of time in the Children's Zoo. There were interactive exhibits and plenty of things to climb and play on. He loved the spider web!

Mommy and Will on a concrete elephant.

Daddy and Will playing in a turtle shell.

A tired Mommy surrounded by her wonderful children! The Cincinnati Zoo is beautiful and a wonderful place to take the family, but it is located completely on hills. Those strollers get heavy. I had a great day with my family and got in quite a workout too!

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  1. I feel the same way about our RE! I'm glad he got to see your beautiful family...what a miracle!