Saturday, October 10, 2009

Prayer Request...

I don't often do this, but I have been praying for a triplet Mom and would love if any one reading this could send up a few for her and her babies. I belong to Tri-State Multiples, a support group for parents of higher order multiples (triplets or higher.) Right now we have a Mom expecting GGB triplets. Last Fri at 25w2d, she was hospitalized for IUGR(intrauterine growth restriction) and one of her babies is showing poor cord blood flow. This is the same thing that got me put in the hospital 14 months ago with my quads. My baby C (Paige) had not grown enough since the last measurement and she was showing pauses in her cord blood flow. When I found out that Jenny was going through the same thing, I sent her an email. She was happy to have someone to talk to who had been through this, although we quickly discovered the major difference. Because Jenny is so early, she may have to make a terrible choice. If her baby B completely stops growing or goes into distress, normal treatment would be an emergency c-section. This, however, would put her other 2 triplets in great danger, to be born so very premature-- she is now 26w3d. I was over 30 weeks, so we would have taken all 4 and the most likely would have been fine. If she doesn't have a c-section, she will have to accept that she may lose baby B. It is a terrible decision. I pray that baby B keeps fighting and growing and Jenny can deliver all 3 of them at a better gestational age. If you do pray, please think of Jenny and her babies and ask the Lord to watch over them.

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