Monday, November 2, 2009


Well, Saturday was Halloween and we had a great time. My sister-in-law Laura came over with her 4 kids to go trick or treating. My in laws came over and so did my Dad (my Mom went over to my sister's), so we left the Grandparents at home to give out candy and we hit the road with the kiddos. Everyone had a nice evening. The babies were supposed to eat dinner before we went out. There was so much excitement going on, however, that not much was actually eaten.

Izzie was very distracted.

Julia loved seeing everyone in their costumes!

Drew just wanted to get going!!!

Paige gives Halloween a thumbs up!

Mommy's little devils are dressed, loaded and ready to go with their cousin Ana.

Will and Ana are ready to get going

Daniel was a ninja

Evan was a pirate

Taylor was Sandy from Grease

So naturally her boyfriend Sam was Danny.

We had so much fun. Obviously the babies aren't big enough to have a clue what's going on, but they loved seeing everyone walking around dressed in funny costumes. I found myself wondering if they would be willing to stay in the stroller next year. I can't look that far ahead. We have wonderful neighbors who were all so excited to see all of the kids. Halloween is a great holiday because it is just about fun. It is low stress, just dress up, walk around, get candy and have fun!

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  1. That is one heck of a pram! I can't even believe they make them. It must be a nightmare to push? And so heavy? I struggle pushing my two up the hills these days :)