Monday, November 23, 2009

Just some pics...

Everyday it's something new. I left four babies playing happily in the family room one morning to take a 2 minute potty break. I return to find Little Miss Izzie standing on the side table. Her sister Paige is trying to join her. Only a matter of time until I find all 4 standing on the tables.

The babies have discovered Will's old tool bench and love playing with all of the tools, but their favorite part is the safety goggles. Mommy had to adjust them so they will stay on their little peanut heads, but they are the best toy around!

We recently got a new climby toy. All of the kids love it. Mommy has a love/hate relationship with it. Anything that keeps the kids busy, active and happy, I'm all for. I just don't understand why there have to be holes in the side. Holes my kids love to stick their heads through and look around. I fear it is only a matter of time until one takes a header right out. Drew just loves to stand on the platform and survey his kingdom.

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