Monday, November 23, 2009

The Lachmann Thanksgiving

My husband's family has celebrated Thanksgiving the weekend before Thanksgiving for several years now. We love this! First of all, because I'm never going to complain about two Thanksgiving dinners. Also, any married couple knows the difficulty of the holidays. You either don't see one family at all or you rush around trying to fit both in. This makes our holiday much more relaxed. We get to spend all day with each family!!

Paige hanging out in the kitchen with Grandma and Aunt Laura.

As usual, Drew is just chilling.

Paige stopped by to visit Meemaw.

Julia with Aunt Connie and my nephew Dan.

Izzie spent most of the time with Mommy. She was feeling a little clingy. This is her running back to me.

Drew gets a cuddle from Aunt Myra.

Paige visits with Gracie and Frankie.

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