Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pop Quiz! Which Quad Got the First Black Eye?

Yep, it happened. With my wild children running, jumping and climbing, it was only a matter of time until someone got a shiner. Yesterday afternoon, the kiddos were playing in the family room- I was even right in the room with them. Since having children, I have learned why every parenting horror story starts with, "I only took my eyes off of them for 1 second!" In that one second I turned my head, the fearless leader attempted to climb the entertainment center. When she ran out of good spots to grab, she grabbed Will's Leapfrog keyboard we keep high on the TV. It of course tumbled down and whacked her right below the right eye. It immediately swelled up, but I didn't take a picture yesterday. I feared it would look even worse the next day, but it actually looks a little better today. Less swollen and the bruising hasn't gotten any worse yet. Well, here she is, proudly displaying the first quad black eye...

Miss Izzie!


  1. Hi Beth I loved reading through your Blog :) What A BEAUTIFUL! Family you have!!! I love looking at your pictures, you guys are all so photogenic. :)
    I was searching through about taking my 2yr old to the Cincinnati Zoo & your pictures came up so Somehow I found myself reading through almost ALL of your Posts lol..

    Anyway, I really enjoy your Blog..I'm bookmarking it to check back to see your next adventures with the Quads, will & Hubby. :)


  2. How funny! I never even considered that my blog would pop up from googling the zoo. Well, thank you very much- I think my children are adorable also :0).
    However you got here, I'm glad you enjoyed reading about our cray family!
    I hope you and your son enjoy the zoo!