Saturday, December 12, 2009

15 Months

The babies turned 15 months old this Tuesday. Time really is flying right by us. This meant another round of well-child checkups. I have begun to take the babies 2 at a time. All four is just too much. It is crowded and hectic in the room, but the worst of it is the shots. I feel like I only have a second to comfort the baby that just got a shot before the next baby gets theirs. The downsides are two trips to the pediatrician's office and that I need to get a babysitter for the other two. I still feel like it makes a better visit. I feel like I can actually talk to the doctor and hear all of his answers. It's just much easier for me.
Anyway, what this means is Izzie and Julia went on Tuesday. They both passed with flying colors! They have reached or passed every developmental milestone. They are my two biggest talkers, so there was no concern there. My only concern about Izzie was that she has a flat spot on the back of her head. People keep telling me I'm crazy, but her head is not shaped right. When I mentioned this to Dr Fiedler, he did agree that she has a flat spot, but he said it is not severe and not harmful. She doesn't need a helmet or anything. Yeah! I was a little worried about Julia's funny walk. She is a little bow legged and walks very gingerly. Dr Fiedler had her walk around the room several times and she did her funny strut like a tiny super model. Then he sat her on her bottom in the middle of the room and she scooted herself into a squat and pushed straight up from there to standing. He declared her fine. He said she is just more timid than the others and has a wide stance to ensure her balance and walks like she does everything-- carefully. The girls each got their MMR and their seasonal flu booster. Visit #1 was a success and finished!
On Thursday, I took Drew and Paige to see Dr Harmeling. Dr Fiedler is our regular Dr, but he was off on Thurs. Fortunately, we like Dr Harmeling a lot also. I didn't actually have any concerns about little Miss Paige, but I was concerned about Drew. He can walk. He walks fine. But he still chooses to crawl sometimes. I would say he is about 70/30 walking/crawling. The girls only walk. Dr Harmeling said the "normal" range for walking is any steps by 15 mos. Since he is obviously in that range, she is not concerned. She said he may just be more confident crawling still and it may take a while before he is exclusively walking. My other concern was his speech. Now I know that girls tend to develop faster than girls, but he doesn't babble nearly as much as the girls. By 15 mos, they are supposed to have five words. Drew has one. Mama. And he doesn't even say it that often. Dr Harmeling said that he may be "speech delayed", but she just wanted to wait and see how he is doing at 18 mos. If we are still concerned, she will send First Steps out to the house to evaluate him. The babies got the same shots, and we were on our way. All four babies' visits finished!!!!
Overall, our 15 month appointments went very well. I'll keep an eye and Drew's speech, but I'm not letting myself get too stressed. He is a boy and a quad, he may just need a little more time. Even if he needs speech therapy, this isn't that big of a deal. I'm so blessed. My children are growing bigger and stronger everyday and they are so healthy!
Here are their weight and height updates:
(I can't remember their actual heights, only the percentages)

Izzie 22lbs 1oz 75-90% height
Julia 20lbs 0oz 95% height
Drew 25lbs 8oz 90% height
Paige 20lbs 3oz 75% height

So, everyone is tall. The girls are still a little thin, but they are all comfortably on the charts, so we are happy with that. It is hard to believe these kids started life at 3 and 4 lbs. They sure made up for lost time!

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