Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Decking the Halls (Quad Style)

So first, a little back story. I love to decorate for Christmas. I love to decorate MY way. I love white lights and formal trees. I do not like cluttered, crazy, mismatched trees . I do not like colored lights. I have put up a formal Christmas tree since my husband and I married 9 years ago. I have done a couple of themes, but my favorite is red, gold and crystal. Beautiful. Classic. Then we had Will 4 years ago. It took a couple of years, but he was given a ton of kid Christmas ornaments and then he began to make some. I found what I thought was the perfect solution. I bought a second tree. In the living room, I still have my pretty, matching, formal tree. In the family room, we have the "family tree." This is where the mismatched and homemade ornaments go. Even last year we did that. It was perfect! The babies were tiny- only 3 1/2 mos at Christmas. They loved to look at the lights, but couldn't touch anything. That is definitely not the case this year. They can and do touch everything! The only option I could see that gave me a chance of maintaining my sanity was not to put up a second tree. They spend almost all day in the family room. There is simply no way I could keep them from the tree. Of course, even I'm not enough of a Grinch to tell Will he can't put his beloved ornaments on Mommy's pretty tree, so Goodbye matched and formal, Hello mismatched, but loved!! I even got in the spirit enough to allow colored lights on the front of the house. I still insisted on simple lights-- no Griswold display! My Father-in-Law came over and put the lights out with Will as his assistant. They had a great time and I must admit, the house looks nice.
My next quad hurdle was the stockings. Our house is unusual in that there is a fireplace in the family room, but not the living room. I can not hang the stockings from the mantle or the babies will pull them down. That wouldn't be the end of the world, but this would also bring down the heavy stocking hangers we have. I don't want a baby brained by a brass stocking holder! I still do not have a solution for this. I even ordered these beautiful personalized stockings for everyone before I realized they have nowhere to go. Need to work on this and quickly. Saint Nicholas Day is this weekend, and he needs stocking to stuff! All suggestions are being accepted.
The tree is up

Will loved helping to decorate!! Here he is wearing a Santa hat, two stockings and the tree skirt as a cape. He looks like some sort of Christmas Superhero!!

The house with colored lights-- and a reindeer Will loves
(yes I know a porch light is out, but I didn't until I went to take this picture and of course we had no new light bulbs.)

The mantle with no stocking hung with care.
(actually, I have the tassel ends tucked up normally, I just took them down for the picture)

Our tree
I have decided that I absolutely love it. It is too crowded. It doesn't match. It's not fancy or elegant. It IS full of wonderful memories and love. This is clearly the perfect tree for our family.

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