Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Back at 2009...

Well, another year has come and gone. And what a year it was! My quaddies were born in September, 2008. At the beginning of this year, we were still in a bit of a haze, trying to figure out what life with quads was. As I look back at 2009, I think that is how I will remember this year. 2009 was the year that Rod and I truly became parents of multiples. We figured out a system and schedule that worked for us. We learned who each of our children is. We have good days and we still have bad days, but we know that the bad days will pass and we will once again wake to 5 smiling, wonderful children. Children we are incredibly fortunate to be blessed to raise.
I know that our children and our lives and we are going to change each and every year, but we have a foundation now. We are a family of seven. We work. We love each other and we function as a team. We will have struggles, but we will face them together. My parents have a sign in their family room that reads, "Family is Forever." I have always joked that that is a for better of worse statement. Now, as I lead my family into a new year, I appreciate that. We have become a true family and we will be forever.

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