Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa Luncheon

We attended my multiples groups' Santa Luncheon this weekend. The kids were good and did a great job meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus for the first time.

Julia meets Mrs. Claus. Yes, her bow stayed in her hand the whole time, but just look at those big blue eyes!

Will knows the drill. He came out and met Santa like a little gentleman.

Then he went through the list of gifts desired.

We tried getting only the 5 kids with Santa and Mrs. Claus...

But the babies decided that wasn't going to happen. Good thing Santa and Mrs. Claus are so experienced with kids. Not everyone can hold on when they all decide to get down at once!
We have a lot of pictures of the back of Izzie's head.

This was the closest we got to everyone looking at the camera at the same time.
Oh well. Group shots may be a problem for a while.

Will made sure to get a good hug before we left.

We had such a good time and the kids love all of the Christmas lights and decorations. I am looking forward to all of our upcoming Christmas events. Kids really do make the season magical again.

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