Monday, December 28, 2009

Will's Christmas Concert

I have a lot of catching up to do. We have had a lovely and blessed holiday season, but Mom was a slacker in the blogging category. So here is a past due post about our big boy Will's first Christmas concert with his preschool class. He was so excited about this. They sang "Jingle Bells" and he got to ring a jingle bell. He was so adorable. He took it very seriously. He came home disappointed the few days they didn't practice at school and we would practice at home. He knew every word and would sing them loudly. We sang the song often enough at home that the girls started doing the "Ha!ha!ha!" part. It was really adorable. Unfortunately, I don't have that on video. I do have Will's debut. He is in the front row wearing a green shirt with the red jingle bell he so loved. Even after all of our dedicated rehearsing, none of the kids sang. All you can hear is the bells and the poor teachers trying to sing loud enough to be heard.

Then the kids did a short second number. It was cute and Will was so proud. If you ask him, he will tell you he sang the whole thing. Just Mom and Daddy came, so the babies didn't steal any of his thunder. Afterward, we went out to eat and did some Christmas shopping. Will picked out a present to give the babies. It was such a nice day and so good for Rod and I to get to spend some time focusing only on Will. A great start to the holiday season!

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