Monday, September 21, 2009

First Birthday Party!!!!

Well, I am still waiting on more photos from some friends who came to the party, but I think I have enough to go ahead and post about the babies' first birthday party. We had a wonderful time. We had a lot of guests, about 130 attended, so we rented the hall at a local church. It fit us perfectly. Everyone was just so happy. It was just a celebration of the last year. A celebration of our babies. The babies had shirts that read. "The Quad Squad." Will's reads, "Squad Manager."

On the back are their names and numbers (birth order.)
Will was #00- (it's tough to get a 4 yr old to set for very many pictures.)

Uncle Brian entertained our Izzie before the party started.

My friend Margaret brought her niece Izzie. She was born 2 wks before the quads. Her Mom and I were in the hospital at the same time, so Margaret would come visit both of us. Any Mom who has been hospitalized on bed rest knows the best gift is a visitor-- bonus- Margaret often brought food!!

Julia hangs out with Margie Reusch. Margie used to come by often, but hadn't seen the babies in 6 mos. She was amazed at how much they have grown.

Aunt Tessa cuddles Big Drew

Great-Aunt Pat holds Paige. That is Great-Uncle Bud behind them. He has shown half of Indianapolis pictures of the babies. He always has one in his wallet and shows it to everyone he runs into.

The gang stops for a picture with their Great-Grandparents. Meemaw and Peepaw Smith.

The cake table

Amazing Aunt Connie made the cake. She did a wonderful job!!!!

The babies are ready for cake!!!!

Everyone sings Happy Birthday!!!!

Izzie decides how to attack it

She tears off the frosting

Then goes for it!

Julia started off picking at it

She loved it!

Drew gave it a try

He wants to know where we have been hiding this "cake" for so long

He can't get enough!

Drew loves cake!!!!

Paige picked at it, but thought it was too sticky

She tried going at it face first

But she just didn't love her first cake-- are we sure she is mine?

All of the kids love the books Aunt Connie got the babies

Some of the wonderful women who helped us survive the first year. Unfortunately, a lot of people had left by the time I thought to get this picture, but this is an amazing group of ladies. I don't know how we would have survived the last year without them. We have been blessed in so many ways!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pics of the kiddos

Well, I am still trying to gather more pictures of the birthday party, so here are some other pictures of the gang from the last couple of weeks. Will started playing soccer. His under 4 team plays 3 on 3 instructional soccer. It is really cute and Will is having a ton of fun. He feels like such a big boy playing on his team-- The Yellow Lasers (they picked their own name.)
Getting a pep talk from the coaches.

Drew and Julia climbed in the toy box and poor JuJu was getting squashed and Mean Mom took a picture before I rescued her.

Julia is considering trying out for the Cincinnati Bengals

Paige is also trying it out.

Izzie, on the other hand is running off with Aunt Connie's cell phone and purse.

Connie brought balloons by on the babies' birthday. We had so much fun playing with them. Izzie and Connie

Drew and Julia

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Big Boy Drew's First Haircut

None of my babies has a ton of hair. Izzie is the only one I would say has a full head yet. Drew does not have very much hair, but his hair is getting long. Specifically, the hair over his ears was getting long. I called it his "Bozo hair", because it would stick out and curl. I wanted to wait until he was at least 1 year old to get his hair cut, and truthfully, I was putting it off because I knew that it would make him look older and break my heart a little bit. Well, they turned 1 on Tuesday and had their big party on Sunday (yes, today... That post will come soon. Need to collect pictures and process everything), so I decided on Friday I would take Will to get a trim and Drew would get his first haircut.

We went to Kiddie Kastle. It's a small, local place where I have been taking Will since his very first haircut years ago (it's a bit of a drive since we moved, so I once tried to take Will to a nearby Supercuts and the hysteria that followed has made the drive worth every minute and every drop of gas.) They do a really good job with kids, but Drew was great!! He sat still and let her work on him without a minute's fuss. I was very proud of him.

Drew getting settled in the "car seat" for his big cut.

She cleaned up the ends.

Ohhhh!!!! Look how handsome my baby-- I mean big boy is!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Babies!!!!

Today my babies are one year old. I swear I can close my eyes and imagine waking up September 8th of last year- so nervous and excited! This last year has definitely been the wildest year of my life. Have the babies. 4 days later have an attorney come to my hospital room so we could sign papers to buy a new house. 1 day later leave the hospital leaving behind my sweet babies. On Sunday Sept. 21st we moved into our new home. On Tuesday Sept. 23rd, I brought Julia home. The next day, Isabella. The next day, Paige. Then finally on Saturday Sept. 27th, I brought home Drew. At last, I was in my new home (well, sort of. We still have packed boxes), surrounded by all of my children. Heaven!

From there on it's a blur. Bottles, diapers, baths... It seemed like I was in a never-ending cycle of the same thing all day every day. At the same time, everything was changing. I was with the babies nearly all of the time, so some of the changes snuck up on me. I would look at a baby one day and be amazed at how tight their sleeper had become. Suddenly, I would turn around and one was rolling over, then crawling, now I have walking, climbing monkeys! These babies can do anything they set their mind to. While this does add some challenge to my job, I am so proud to see them reach every goal. I think back to the day we found out I was carrying quads and the RE tried to convince me to reduce. He talked at length about the risk and how poor the odds were of me delivering 4 healthy babies. My gorgeous children are truly miracles! One year ago today, my life became 4 times busier, 4 times more complicated and 4 times better.

Today was Will's first day of preschool. While he was at school this morning, Rod and I took the quads to Good Samaritan Hospital to visit the doctors and nurses who assisted in our little miracles. We visited the NICU, Special Care Obstetrics (my home for a month before the babies' birth) and my OB/Gyn.

Dr. Lambers visiting the babies.

Izzie Sept. 8, 2008

Izzie Sept. 8, 2009

Julia Sept. 8, 2008

Julia Sept. 8, 2009

Drew Sept. 8, 2008

Drew Sept. 8, 2009

Paige Sept. 8, 2008

Paige Sept. 8, 2009

My wild crew Sept.8, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

4th & 1st Birthday Pictures!!

Well, I took the kiddos to get their birthday pictures today. This is getting a little tougher as they get older and more and more mobile. I am happy with the individuals, but it is not easy to get a group shot of all 5 of them sitting, smiling together. Oh well. They are simply adorable, so here are some of the shots from this morning...







The Quad Squad. They apparently made a "no smile" pact.










The whole crew. This was one of the last pictures and these kids were finished. They did not want to sit still or smile or stop poking each other. I decided the session was over and we would just take what we had. Overall, it was a success. After all, with kids this cute, the pictures can't be too bad.