Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Haircuts, Fast Food and a New Hairstyle

I had known this day was coming for a while, but put it off as long as possible. Izzie's hair has been getting quite long and hanging in her eyes. I didn't want to cut bangs in, but she wouldn't keep a clip in to keep it out of her eyes. If she actually left the clip alone, one of the other babies would pull it out. I just had to give in and get some bangs cut. Poor little Paige has been rocking a little "baby mullet" for a while now, I just hated to get her hair cut. They always seem to stop looking like babies when you cut their hair. I'm not ready for my babies to look like kids.

Here is a before picture with Paige. You can see the mullet some.

She was very funny. I think that she was a little bit afraid of the hairdresser, because she sat stone still the entire time. She barely blinked.

An after shot. They left a little length in back, just cleaned it up a bit.

Izzie's before shot. I should have brushed her hair forward, but you can see it was getting too long.

I don't think that she trusted the hairdresser. She tried to watch her every move. This made cutting her hair a little tougher. This is why I like to go somewhere that specializes in children. They are used to squirmy, nervous kids.

I was happy they left her curls in back.

Will and Drew got their trims. Since they have each had haircuts, no pictures were taken. Julia is just now getting a full head of hair and it is still really short, so no haircut yet for her. She had a wonderful time, though. She took every book off of the bookshelf and sat going through them one by one.

Since everyone was so good at the hairdressers and I had my friend Evette with me, I decided that we would have another adventure. We took the babies out for fast food for the first time. There was a Burger King nearby, so we went in. I haven't been to a Burger King in years, but I was pleased with their selection of kid food. Will got his own Kid's Meal and the 4 babies shared 2 orders of chicken nuggets, 2 orders of Mac n Cheese and 2 orders of apple sticks. They gobbled everything up quite happily. There was a play area, but it was really big and there were several older (5-8yo) kids on it, so I didn't let the babies play on it. Of course, they didn't even know what they were missing, so no one was too upset. Will played while Evette and I finished feeding the babies, then we were on our way. A very successful outing!

Paige, Will, Evette and Izzie

Julia and Drew

The next day, Will asked why I hadn't gotten my hair cut. I said that I really need to get a haircut and that I want a new style. He said, "I can give you a new hairstyle!" He ran upstairs and came back down with the girls' hair bows. He put at least a dozen bows in my hair. I asked if he was finished and he said, "Mommy, you are starting to look a little pretty." Starting? A little? Gee... He really knows how to sweet talk the ladies!

Will insisted on pictures. He was very proud of his handy work.
(Sorry about the super close up with no makeup)

Yes, more bows in back.

He may have a future. Here at Will Sassoon, If you don't look good, he doesn't look good!


  1. I LOVE this post! I've been wondering what to do with Kayla's mullet! Wow Your girls' hair turned out great! And LOVE your hair too!:) I actually just got a new doo! I feel a little more "with it" now. I need all the help I can get. Maybe I'll post a pic of it soon? Guess we're off to the barbers!

  2. Love your new style. I only wish my kids would go to someone else to get their hair cut. Well they will but it involves an awful lot of complaining on their part. lol Dax cuts Wyatt's hair and I usually cut the girls' hair. Luckily they aren't interested in anything fancy (yet).