Thursday, January 14, 2010

Going Stir Crazy!!!!!

It has been cold and snowy here for a week and a half now! Not terrible, icy snowy, but yucky enough that I do not want to drag the crew anywhere. Every year I dread January and it is even worse when I am trapped in my house with 5 crazy kiddos. The last few days I have had 2 'big outings' per day. Getting Will off of the bus and getting the mail. Seriously. The good news is I guess we're saving gas! Well, this morning, the babies we're 'helping' me fold laundry and playing and being silly. Mommy is now silly enough that I took pictures of them being funny!

Julia is such a little stinker that whenever she is doing something cute and you go to take a picture of her doing it, she immediately stops doing it and smiles for the camera. If I want her to smile for the camera, she makes her 'stink face.' Go figure!

Izzie put a pair of her big brother's jean on her head and this set off all the others. They have just recently started to put things (not hats) on their heads and laugh like it is the funniest thing ever. This of course makes it pretty darn funny and once Mommy starts laughing, they aren't going to stop.

Drew put a pair of his pajama pants on his head.

I put them on Paige, but she did not think it was funny!

Izzie with Larry Boy's head as a hat!
Paige loved the Larry Boy head hat. Of course, it would only stay on her head for 5 seconds, so I spent most of my morning putting Larry Boy's head back on Paige's head.
Julia is our quiet, independent one. She didn't want to play with me and the others, she just sat and read Barnyard Dance. For the 10,000,000th time. I love Sandra Boynton's books so we have a ton, but for whatever reason, my babies love this one. If I have to read it one more time, my head may explode. I gave my husband clear instructions to get rid of it after the babies were in bed last night or at least get it out of the playroom. He thought hiding it behind the toy box was good enough. Really? With these kids? Julia had it out and asked me to read it within 5 minutes of being downstairs.
We have at least one real outing planned for tomorrow, so hopefully the cabin fever will lessen, but until then, we're just all going a little stir crazy together!!!!!


  1. It's been cold here too. Looks like we get about 5 or 6 days in the low 60s coming up. THANK GOODNESS! I cannot wait for spring! :)

  2. Saw your comment on Multiples and More about the 'twinspeak'. I think it's funny that my baby A is the outspoken one. Actually, she's the one that follows us around constantly talking....and they're 11 now!