Friday, January 8, 2010

My Little Snow Babies

Well, I finally "Mommied up" and did it. I took all 5 kiddos outside to play in the snow. We were all just going a little stir crazy and the only solution was to let them get outside and run around like crazy little snow babies!
The minute he stepped into the yard, poor little Drew fell in the snow. Once I wiped his face off, he was happy as a clam again!

Woops! Down goes Paige!

Izzie loves the snow!!!!

Even Stella was excited to get out and run!

Will shows them how to make snow angels.

Julia was not too impressed with the stuff.
"Really Mom? We left our warm playroom full of toys for this?"

Paige decided she just wanted to eat the snow

Whoa! Big face-plant from Drew!

Paige had a good time

Will said it is more fun being outside with the babies!

Even poor Drew had a good time. He had the hardest time keeping his balance, but every time I picked him up he would be laughing!

Izzie absolutely loved the snow! She would have stayed out there all afternoon if I had let her. She was also the only girl who kept her gloves on the entire time.

The best I could do for a group shot.

It was a lot of fun and I loved watching the babies explore, but with all the time getting everyone dressed, then dealing with all of the wet, snowy clothes when we come in, I may wait until Daddy is home to try it again!


  1. OMG...I just love this post. Here I am with my triplets at just 13 months and think about going outside and now after seeing the pics...nope not doin it. I am still laughing as it looks like the funniest thing ever. Wow..i am in awe of quads. I need to read more to get to know your crew. Thanks for visiting my site


  2. Just coming back over to share the love. GREAT pics! We went out in the snow for the first time recently, too. My Sam did the face plant move, but screamed for the next ten minutes. Must be a Southern boy! :-)

    Hope to see you around the comments box again, soon.