Monday, February 22, 2010

Mommy's Lil' Animals

My sister-in-law, Laura, gave the babies the cutest animal towels! After baths the other night I tried to get pictures of the crew in them. They did not cooperate in the least! I didn't even bother trying for a group shot. Even with the babies being silly and trying to squirm out of their towels, I love how cute they are in the towels. All sweet and clean!

Izzie is an adorable little froggy
Yay for frogs!!

Julia is the happiest little crab you'll ever see!

She is so skinny she can hardly keep the towel on her shoulders.

Drew is a scary shark!

Yeah! He showed that towel who was boss!

Little Ducky Paige

Look at that sweet face peeking out. Don't you just want to eat her up?!?!


  1. Absolutely adorable children you have, looks like a handful~but much fun! Dropping in from MBC to check out your blog. If you get the chance you can stop by mine as well. Have a nice evening.
    Jen @ A Penny Saved

  2. So cute! Makes me miss those days.