Thursday, February 4, 2010

It Really Wasn't an Awful Week!!!!!

Okay, I need to apologize for my last post. A Mommy temper tantrum is no good. Sadly, even my self-imposed time out didn't help too much. I was able to be less nasty, but still couldn't find the joy. I am not sure exactly when, but sometime today, I was finally able to snap myself out of it. I was dwelling on some of the bad things that had happened, when I had to start laughing. My kids are pretty awesome. Even when they are misbehaving they are so clever! My babies are advanced for any 17 mo old, but preemies? Will can absolutely make me crazy, but most of that is because he is so smart and curious about everything. I do want to discipline him and teach him self-control, but I hope I do not break his spirit. I love his spirit.

So in honor of my returned happiness to be my children's Mother, here are some highlights of this week:

-I accidentally left a pen in the babies' playroom. I found Paige drawing on her arm with it. I went to take it from her, and she passed it off to Julia who took off across the room with it. After a long foot chase and a couple more hand offs, I finally got the pen. Frustrating, but glad to see the quads can work together.

-Julia has always been giggly. She laughs all the time at everything. I think that this is why she is a Daddy's girl. Men love girls that laugh at their jokes. She has recently developed a fake laugh. She walks around going,"yuk, yuk, yuk!" It is completely phony! What one year old has a fake laugh?!?

-I was with Will and we were practicing writing his letters in a notebook. He said he had to go potty and asked if I, "could pause this." I swear he doesn't watch much tv, but I guess it really sinks in!

-Will somehow found a bottle of cologne (my husband has allergies and doesn't wear any.) He and the dog were both soaked in it!! Several baths later, Will isn't too bad, but Stella still stinks! She now smells like a combination of cologne, dog and shampoo. Not pleasant, trust me!

-Drew has learned how funny it is to fart. If anyone passes gas he laughs. If he passes gas? Hilarious! He cracks up and he has the most contagious laugh. I am really trying not to laugh with him because I don't want to encourage potty humor. Unfortunately, his big belly laughs are hard to resist!

-We have a Sesame Street "Sing Yourself Silly" dvd with monsters whose noses honk and monsters who have dingers on their heads. The babies have started "honking" their noses and "dinging" their heads along with the song. Kind of the cutest thing ever.

-I got out to buy a birthday gift for a friend's daughter. The Disney store near us is closing and Emily loves princesses, so I stopped in to see what I could find. They had these adorable princess tea sets on sale. Not only did I buy one for Emily, but I went ahead and got one for my girls. I figured I could set it aside until they are old enough. I am really looking forward to tea parties!

You know, once I sit down and start thinking about some high points of the week, I really could go on and on and bore everyone. From time to time I need to shake myself out of a funk and remember how incredibly blessed I am to be leading this life and raising these kids!


  1. It's all too cute--the picture too. I so know what you mean about trying not to laugh because you don't want to encourage the behavior. One morning before school the kids had already gotten into the car and when I got in Kirsten and Abigail were fighting. When I asked why Kirsten told me that Abigail had called her 'Kir-stupid'. I had to put my head down on the steering wheel so that they couldn't see me laugh. They thought I was very mad and was trying to calm down before I said anything. I did get onto Abigail about it, but my real thought was that it was pretty clever for a 7 year old. LOL - Glad you're feeling better!!

  2. Hello Beth,
    I already wrote one comment here but it seems to be lost in cyberspace so I hope it doesn't show up again and make you think I'm a stalker!
    Thanks for your nice (or should I say niser) comment on my blog. It's always good to know that there are moms out there who understand!
    Your kids are adorable and your quads are at such a fun age! Enjoy it because it goes way too fast...

  3. You have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award...go to my blog and follow the instructions.
    I love your blog!