Monday, February 22, 2010

Tea Party!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had bought a tea set for a friend's daughter and liked it so much I bought one for when my girls were old enough. The birthday party was last weekend and Emily, my friend's daughter, liked the tea set so much, she opened it right then and all of the kids played with it. I was surprised how much my kids liked it! The babies didn't necessarily understand the idea of a tea party, but they loved carrying around the little dishes.
Last week, I woke up one day not feeling so hot. I wasn't really up to entertaining the crew all day, so I needed something to keep them busy and happy. I had just gotten an old kitchen from a friend whose kids had outgrown it, but it didn't have any dishes or anything. I decided my best bet was to bring out the tea set.

The Disney Princess Tea Set. All of the pieces store in this big, pretty tea pot.

Will modeling our "new" kitchen.

He took charge and microwaved the tea for the babies.
(yep, he's my kid. Well versed in using the microwave.)

He poured tea and handed out the "princess cookies."

Drew must have really liked those cookies!!

Julia loving her tea!

Paige getting out all of the pieces.

Izzie just chillin' with her cup of tea.

It actually was a fun day (and Mommy got to rest a little bit.) All five kids had a great time pouring tea and drinking tea and feeding Mommy teaspoons full of tea. We have had the tea set out for 4-5 days now and it is still played with everyday. As parents of short attention spanned 1 and 4 yr olds know, that says a lot! I am still hopeful that in a while we can have a formal "tea party", but until then, we are loving the princess tea set!

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