Monday, February 8, 2010

Will's Babies

So on the babies' first birthday (5 mos ago today!), the girls were each given a baby doll by a family friend. At the time, the babies weren't really too interested in them. Will, however, took a definite interest in them. He loves to carry them around and play with them.

(On a slightly disturbing note, he says that his wife was eaten by a barracuda. Apparently his reference for a single Dad is Finding Nemo. He does say that one day he will find a new wife and she will be their Mommy. He is so funny!)

So he loves his little babies and he has named them Angela, Jesus and Angela. In case you are wondering, I can't think of a single Angela he would know. Also, we are not Hispanic and it is not hay-zoose, it is gee-zus. Where these names came from, I have no clue. Well, I know where he has heard Jesus, but to the best of my knowledge, he has never heard of anyone else named Jesus. And both girls being named Angela? Well, all of us multiples parents know how hard it is to come up with enough names. I guess that he just found a girl's name he really liked and stuck with it!

But just recently, the story of Will's babies got even better. I had a friend stop by and Will was showing her all of his toys. He brought out the babies and explained, "I have three quadruplets." I was cracking up! I guess he's never heard the term triplet. He is only four and doesn't know any triplets. He has certainly heard the word quadruplet enough in the last couple of years!

Will, Jesus, Angela and Angela


  1. That's too funny. Addison used to have names for when she has children, Bob, Grace, and Bunny. I'm okay with Bob and Grace but don't think Bunny really fits with them. lol It's hysterical what they come up with.

    Oh, and thanks for the blog award. ((hugs))

  2. Ok Beth...I did it..I did the whole award thing and I want to thank you so much for awarding me. Check out my site as I have thanked you and hope you continue reading. I love the name of your darn catchy. You are amazing


  3. Ummmm...He has GREAT taste in the name, Angela, if I do say so myself! :) And I am the mother of triplets too! That is too funny! I need to go take care of my 3 quadruplets now! it!

  4. "My three quadruplets" ... hysterical!!