Tuesday, March 9, 2010

18 Month Checkup & Kindergarten Registration

So yesterday, my sweet little babies (yes, I know they are getting big, but I am not ready to stop calling them babies!) turned 18 mos! I can not believe it has been a year and a half since they made their first appearance. My husband went into work late today so that he could go with me and we took all 4 to the pediatrician together. Unfortunately, as we were loading the diaper bag to leave the office after their appointment, I saw and remembered the camera. I want to get a picture of the kids with Dr. Fiedler. It will just have to wait until next time.

We only have good news to report! All babies are healthy. All are developing right on track. Drew and Paige speak less than Izzie and Julia, but all are in the "normal" range. They know their body parts and can follow simple commands. He also commented that we need to be prepared for the "terrible twos." He said that the twos aren't really terrible, but the toddler is learning independence and testing boundaries. Difficult with one child. Really difficult with four.

So, on to the good stuff- the measurements!

weight (%) height (%)
Izzie 22 lb 9oz (25%) 33 in (90%)
Julia 21 lb 4 oz (10%) 33 1/4 in (95%)
Drew 26 lb 2 oz (50%) 33 in (75%)
Paige 22 lb 0 oz (20%) 32 in (70%)

Yep! Everybody is tall and skinny, just like their Daddy! We are so thankful for our big healthy kiddos!

Just in case we forgot how quickly our babies are turning in to big kids, after the quads' appointment, Will and I went and registered him for kindergarten. He has gone to preschool for the last two years, but it is not the same. I can't believe he will be starting "real" school next fall! He is excited. As we were leaving the registration, they had a table set up selling "spirit wear" for his elementary school. To celebrate starting school I bought him a T-shirt. He hasn't taken it off since.


  1. That's a big day for your family! Glad the babies are doing so well! Great job, Mommy! I just remembered ours just turned 18 months today and I forgot to sing "Happy Birthday" to them. Should I go wake them up? ummmmm....no! Happy 18 Month Birthday to your babies! And I'm excited for Will too!

  2. Sounds great on the babies. We skipped the terrible twos altogether and just as I was starting to relax about that, the much more terrible threes arived. lol

    I was okay when everyone went off to kindergarten, it was first grade that killed me. In kinder I could still find a little 'toddler' in them to hang onto, but in first grade they were flat out kids. That just hurt, you know?