Saturday, March 13, 2010

Easter Bunny Oops

So my husband's birthday was last week. His gift from his sister was a gift card for dinner and (this is the best part!!) she came over a few days ago and watched the kids so we could go out! She is a mother of four including twins. She knows what we really want! Anyway, we went out to dinner at a local steak house. It was lovely. We sat and talked. No one interrupted us. We didn't have to cut anyone's food or feed anyone. For me the best part, hands down, was someone else made our food and cleaned up after us. That right there makes a perfect night in my book!

Anyway, after a lovely dinner, we decided to get some shopping in while we had a babysitter. We hadn't gotten started on Easter Bunny shopping, so we figured we could buy a few things for the kiddos' baskets. A couple of weeks ago, Will was out with me and saw one of those pre-made Easter baskets filled with police officer things. He loved it. I told him if he really wanted it, he could ask the Easter Bunny for it (yeah, I don't know how we have gotten to asking the Easter Bunny for things, but I guess that is a separate post.) So while Rod and I were shopping, I saw a cop costume. It has a shirt, a hat, a walkie-talkie and best of all- handcuffs. I knew that Will would love it, so we got it along with a few other items.

When we got home that night, I reminded Rod that we needed to take those bags upstairs, so the kids wouldn't see them. When we went up for the night Rod grabbed the bags and brought them upstairs with us.

Every morning, Will wakes up right at 7:00 a.m. and comes into our room to wake us. Seriously, it is exactly at 7:00. We swear he has an alarm clock hidden in there somewhere. Anyway, the next morning, right at 7:00, in bursts Will. As he jumps onto our bed and we try to steal another minute or two of sleep, we hear, "Hey! What is this?" Will is sitting on the hope chest at the end of our bed holding the costume. Rod had brought the bags up, but left them sitting on the chest! While Will was distracted checking out the costume, I stuffed the other bags under the bed. The good news is he loved the costume. The bad news is it is clearly not going in his Easter basket now. I also hate to just constantly give him things. I try not to buy him things every time we go shopping. Fortunately, Will had to go to the bathroom. While he was in the bathroom, Rod and I came up with the best plan we could on the spot.

Recently, Will has been coming into our bed about every other night. It is impossible to sleep with that boy in bed! Somehow a 38 lb. four year old takes up the entire bed while his two more-than-38 lb. parents cling to the edges of the bed for dear life. So we decided that we would make the costume a reward. If he went a week without coming into our bed at night, he will get the costume. We hung it on our dresser mirror and attached 7 numbered pages to it. He is so excited to get his costume. Every night as he is going to bed he says, "I'm staying in my bed tonight so we can take off another paper tomorrow!"

So far, he has stayed in his bed every night. I only hope he stays in after he has the costume. I guess we need to get more for his Easter basket...

Will's police officer costume waiting for him.


  1. that is such an awesome idea, what quick thinkers you are!

  2. What a genius idea! Way to think on your feet! (And I promise I had this comment written in my head before clicking over from my reader ... I did not copy Kimberly!! lol!)