Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our Family Has Adopted!!!!!!

A soldier. Yeah, I couldn't resist. But seriously, we adopted a marine to send cards and care packages. Will is so excited to be sending things to a real soldier!! He has been talking about it since I told him 2 weeks ago. " We are sending things to a hero!!" I was kind of hoping for a woman, just to drive home the point that women can be soldiers and heroes also, but we got a man. That's fine.

So we began assembling a care package for him. Since this is our first, we haven't had any communication with him. We just went off of the general guidelines of things to send. Hopefully, once we get to exchanging letters and things, we'll have a better idea of what he specifically likes and wants.
Will colored a picture for him.

Most of the items

Will helped put them in the box.
(yes, he's wearing a sword. Don't you always wear a sword?)

The box is ready to seal

We sent it off at the post office!

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