Thursday, March 11, 2010

Will Day

While it is a very special position, and Will does a wonderful job at it, being the older brother to a set of quadruplets can be hard sometimes. Will spent 2 1/2 yrs as an only child. Daddy and I belonged to him alone. We tried not to spoil him, but we always did what he wanted- there were no other votes to consider! Then we found out that I was carrying quads. That summer, I was always in bed or on the couch. Then I had to go stay at the hospital. When I finally come home, these babies start arriving. Will loves those kids, but I know that he sometimes misses all of the attention.

With this in mind, Rod and I have tried to have special "Will Days" every few months. When the quads are older, we will make sure to have one on one time with them as well. Yesterday Rod took the day off of work and his Aunt Connie came over to watch the babes. We told Will we would do whatever he wanted. He chose the museum. I thought that he would only want to do the children's section, but he really wanted to explore the natural history part. He loved the fossils. He is very into dinosaurs right now. He loves the show "Dinosaur Train." It is on PBS every evening at the babies' dinner time and it is his special treat. If he has been good, he gets to watch it while I feed the quads.

Will and Daddy

Will with a T Rex skull

Sorry the quality is so bad on the pictures. I forgot my camera, so these were taken with a cell phone.
It was a great day and good to focus on my big boy for the day. Will was so sweet! He wanted to walk between Rod and me holding our hands almost the entire time. On the way home, he asked if we could have Will Day again tomorrow. I explained that we will definitely have Will Day again, but we need to wait a little while. He is such a curious, smart boy. I loved seeing how much he loves to learn! He was very proud to leave the museum with new facts. He is going to do great things one day!

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