Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Baskets

I'm breaking Easter down into a few posts. Today I'm sharing pictures of the kiddos getting their Easter baskets Easter morning. We didn't get a ton of time to linger, because we had to get breakfast and all 7 of us dressed in time for Easter mass. We kept the baskets very simple this year anyway. The quads really haven't had much candy. I'm completely fine with keeping it that way for a while. We had decided a few weeks ago that their big gift from the Easter bunny would be swings. When my multiples club had our sale a couple of weeks ago, I found some used swings that were in great shape and super cheap. I got three (we still have Will's baby swing) for less than I would have paid for one new swing! I have no problem with buying and using used items, but I felt weird putting them with the babies' baskets. Especially since they would not be at all excited to see a hunk of red plastic sitting there. We just went super simple. Each of the quads got an Elmo book or dvd (they have just discovered and fallen in love with the little red monster. They call him "Melmo"), a couple of peeps and a couple of empty plastic eggs to play with. Will still got a pretty standard basket.

The babies' baskets are ready to go. I had big plans for hand-made baskets liners in each of their colors, but things fell through. I found Easter grass in each of their five colors, so we just went with that. It got the job done.

That silly Easter Bunny hides Will's basket each year, so he has to hunt for his treats. The quads' baskets don't get hidden. They are still too small. Here is Will looking for his basket in the ottoman in the playroom-- Nope! Not in there!

There it is! He hid it on the floor of the pantry!

Will and Stella check out his loot

Will's favorite part of his basket were the kid's size garden gloves and tools.

He is very excited about helping Daddy with the vegetable garden this summer!

Drew and Paige look at the baskets. Never mind the girls in onesies. We haven't turned the AC on yet, but some nights it stays a bit warm and we don't have summer pajamas yet for them, so for now they are just sleeping in onesies.

Julia gets a peek

Izzie checks out that weird Easter grass.

Daddy reads Julia's new book to her.

Izzie finds a Peep.

And a love affair begins.

I broke off a piece of Peep and gave it to her. She loved it! She ate an entire bunny, then went and began stealing the Peeps out of everyone else's baskets. Luckily, after I took them away she seems to have forgotten about them. Out of sight- out of mind.


  1. So precious! I should have done peeps this year, never thought of it! Girl, do not stress about the pictures, just have fun with it, we did and it made it even better! Good Luck

  2. Looks like they're having fun. I swear my kids wore onesies constantly for the first year or two. It was just so much easier.

  3. Hi! Just wondering, what are the kids' five colors?

  4. The kids colors began in the NICU. Each baby had his/her own thermometer, stethoscope, monitors etc. And each thing was marked by a sticker in that baby's color. The NICU made Izzie- purple, Julia- pink, Drew- green and Paige- yellow. This worked well since Will's favorite color is blue, that became his color. I kept this system ever since. We use it on sippy cups, toothbrushes... Anything we want to keep separated. They are only 19 mos so they don't know colors, but when they grab sippy cups out of the diaper bag, they almost always each take the right color. I don't make too big a deal of it, but I love when I can find outfits in each of their colors!