Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Dinner

After brunch at my sister's, we headed over to my in-laws' for dinner. It was a lovely evening. Lots of good food and another Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, I left my camera at my sister's, but my sister-in-law got some good pictures of my crew she sent me. Here they are...

Will and his cousin Ana

Drew. Isn't he so handsome?

This is Izzie's sweetie-pie face. Do not fall for it! ;0)
I think she looks like a Precious Moment figurine with her big eyes and blond curls

Daddy and Julia eating.

After dinner the babies were playing in the backyard. They found an outdoor faucet they were playing with. My father-in-law assured me that it had never been turned on since they built the house 4 years ago, so it was quite tight and there was no way that they could start the water. Well, maybe they couldn't, but my husband (you know, my 6th child) could! I was on the front porch with my mother-in-law and aunt chatting when Rod went crazy and let our children play in the water in their Easter outfits. Luckily my sister-in-law caught him on camera!

Rod turning on the water for everyone.

Drew would stick his face in the water, then run away.

He loved it!

Julia wasn't too sure about the whole thing.
(that's Mommy's little girl)

Paige jumped right in there.

She thought it was hilarious!!

This picture may be more accurate to Izzie's true personality...

Will realized that mischief was taking place without him and quickly corrected the situation.

Oh well. The kids had a great time. We had brought their pajamas anyway, so we dropped them in my in-laws' big tub to warm them up and clean them up, put them in their jammies, then got them home to bed. The clothes all cleaned up just fine, so no harm. I love my kids. All six of them...

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