Monday, April 19, 2010

The Sand Table

For Christmas, the quads got a sand table. We were waiting for nice weather to put it together and this week was the perfect opportunity! We put it on the back deck and the babies love it!

Everybody checking out the table

I think we have about as much sand under the deck as we do in the table!

Drew was a wild man with the sand shovels!

After one big sand throw from Drew, Will went and got his safety goggles!

Izzie just wanted to carry around the bucket.
She didn't care of it had sand or not, she just loved that little green bucket!


  1. You know, I am generally against sand because of the mess. But I think it was when my big girls were about 3 and I was pregnant again and I realized how badly they needed tactile play that I decided sand would be SO good for them! I never did manage to convince my husband though. But the entertainment it can provide is far better than what it takes to clean up the mess, I think. I bet that is going to be great for all your little ones. We got a swingset that has a spot for a sandbox but so far we haven't filled it. We might this summer if I can get the hubby on board. The kids would love it!

  2. Boy, you are brave to put sand in yours! I love the pics of your Izzie and her bucket and the goggle superhero! I don't blame him! We're still using ours inside with a little water, but it gets so murky. No way would I put sand in oneside and water in the other and not be able to clean the water side often. So we'll look for another cheap one for sand on the opposite side of our patio! Yes, I know I sound like a freak! Heehee! Thanks for your sweet comments! Feeling Hot and crampy right now. A good sign, right?

  3. Hi Beth! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your children are adorable. And you are a brave mom. I can't imagine trying to contain the sand with my two, much less five! You go girl!