Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Will's Fun Build-Up to Easter

While the rest of us struggled to get through the last few weeks, Will was great! We couldn't go far with sickies everywhere, but Will has always been one of those kids who can find or make fun wherever he is! He doesn't need to find the party-- He is the party!

He went out back and rode the glider on out swing set.

He wanted to ride it "as high as space." I think he got pretty darn close!

He gathered pretty bouquets of flowers for his Mommy.
(who loved them-- allergy attack or no)

He colored Easter Eggs! This was fun, but hard boiled eggs are one of Will's favorite snacks and now he won't eat any of the colored eggs! He worked hard on those and doesn't want Mommy just peeling off the color!

Once the crew was well enough, we went to the mall and got a terrible picture taken with the Easter Bunny. When we got there and saw the bunny, Izzie immediately ran over to climb is his (her?) lap. Julia, on the other hand, was terrified. Will was very sweet and remembered that he had been afraid of the bunny. He said that he would hold her. What a good big brother!!
Oddly enough, they are the only two who look okay. I swear the others are not drugged, but to look at them, that would be my first guess.
Oh well! We got the picture, so it goes in the scrap book. We had a lovely Easter and I will get those pictures up soon!

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