Friday, April 16, 2010

The Zoo!

This week Will and his cousin Alex were both on spring break from preschool. Alex and Will are 4 mos apart and Alex's sister Kate is 4 mos older than the quads. Joanna and I love that our children are so close in age. Since we live near each other, it is fun to get them together as often as possible. Unfortunately, this school year, Will and Alex's preschool schedules were opposite, so we have had a hard time getting everyone together. We were happy to have an entire week to get the kids out together. We also had gorgeous spring weather! We decided to take advantage of this and go to the Cincinnati Zoo.
All of the kids.
My little monkey is on the monkey(gorilla).

Will's favorite animal of the day was this peacock with his feathers displayed. Let me tell you, this guy was working it. He had his feathers up and he was shaking his tail and letting out squawks. Will kept asking what he was doing. I told him the peacock was trying to attract a female, but this didn't mean much to Will. In about 10 years he'll understand the lengths to which males will go to attract females ;0).

Will and Alex in front of the peacock-yeah, not the best photo
In addition to the animals, the zoo had 'Zoo Blooms.' The flowers were amazing! They were all blooming beautifully and there were tons of them! I loved them and took pictures of the kids in front of some of them. Here are a few-


The crew in front of some amazing tulips

All of us in front of some more pretty flowers.

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