Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Big Weekend!

This weekend was packed for our families!! This Saturday morning my sister Karen graduated with her Master's degree in Library Sciences from the University of Kentucky. Rod has twin cousins, Alex and Jarod. Alex graduated with his Bachelor's degree in Biology from Northern Kentucky University and Jarod graduated with his Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Kentucky. Saturday afternoon, Rod's niece Ana received her First Communion.

Saturday evening my family all got together to celebrate Mother's Day with my Mom. We went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant we love, then had dessert at my sister's.

My sister Tessa and her fiance Ray
He received his Master's from the University of Louisville two weeks ago.

My sister Karen and her husband Brian.
They are expecting their second child in December.

My sister Joanna and her daughter Alex.
She is expecting her third child in October.

My sister Cathy with Izzie.

Drew with my Dad.

My parents with their 11 grandchildren.
Gus (9), Max (7), Will (4), Alex (4), Huck (3), Kate (2),
Izzie (1), Julia (1), Drew (1), Paige (1) and Malcolm (1)
12 and 13 should arrive by the end of the year.

On Sunday, we got together with Rod's family to celebrate.
Alex, Ana and Jarod
It was beautiful outside and Laura has a gorgeous yard with a tire swing. Will would not leave his cousins sides, but we took the quads out and they had a great time!

Aunt Connie and Drew

Dana (family friend) and Julia

Daddy with Izzie and Paige

Julia, Drew, Mommy, Izzie, Daddy and Paige

Jarod, Taylor and Alex
Taylor graduates high school next week.

Dana, Paige, Drew, Jarod, Ana, Alex, Izzie, Julia and Taylor

We had a great weekend celebrating our amazing families. We are so lucky to have grown up in this wonderful bunch of people and are thankful to be raising our children with them.

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  1. What an amazing weekend! And a fabulous family! But can I say that 2 of your sisters look like they're 12! And one is getting married? I had to do a double take on that one! Too cute! Love the pics and LOVE your big family! love that your parents have so many grandkiddos! I'm hoping with 6 kiddos we'll be in the same boat some day! Happy belated Mother's Day to a fabulous lady!