Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Home Improvement (and some pics)

We bought our house four days after I gave birth to the quads. Two days after we moved in, the babes began coming home. What this means is that we barely moved in, we never really got a chance to make it our own. That is all about to change. We have been doing a lot of things in and around the house. We have been busy, but it is exciting watching this house truly become ours.

We got quotes from a few contractors to finish our basement. We picked one and he has been working on building a big playroom and bathroom downstairs. We have spent the last couple of days picking out bathroom fixtures. I am looking at furniture and carpet. I am still not sure exactly how I want to decorate down there, but I'm going to find it. This is when it is very nice having a husband who runs a furniture store!

Speaking of furniture, we moved the quads out of their high chairs into boosters. We finally got a big enough kitchen table to fit all of us. They are so darn cute and look so grown up sitting at the table with us (pictures coming soon.)

Outside, we are working hard too. When we bought the house, there was a vegetable garden in the back yard. We moved in at the end of September. There were bunches of tomatoes, carrots, peppers (etc, etc, etc...) left. Well, the next summer I was trying to manage a 3 yr old and four 9 mo olds and Rod was trying to open a new store. We were crazy busy and barely getting through some days. The last thing on our minds was planting a garden. Well, this year, we have planted a bunch of vegetables (again, pictures to follow soon.) We'll see how they turn out, but it has been a lot of fun getting everything started!

Back when we first moved in, there were some bushes in the front flower bed that I really disliked. I told Rod that I didn't like them, so he pulled them out. That was very nice of him, but that means we have had empty flower beds for a year and a half. We have finally filled them!! My house is actually pretty to pull up to! This has been my favorite improvement yet. I love flowers and they just make a house happy!!

Somehow, I have no pictures of anything I've been talking about, so instead here are some pictures of my kids. These kids are awfully cute!

Will and Paige
(I absolutely love this picture)

Drew using the toy keys to try to get past the door knob cover.

Izzie wearing her big brother's shoes, jacket and backpack.
She's ready for school.

Paige and Julia on the sit-n-spin

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