Monday, May 31, 2010

I Love a Parade!

The crew and I headed to our city's Memorial Day parade along with my Mom, two sisters, one sister-in-law and three nieces. We had a good time and I was once again reminded of how fast time is going. Last Memorial day, the quads were small and content to stay in their stroller the entire time. Not this year! They weren't too sure what was going on, but they knew they wanted to be right in the action. They were very good, though and stayed near us and out of the street-- well except Drew who kept wandering over to the family next to us with two young daughters. Already ditching us for the ladies!!

They handed out American flags/sibling whackers.
This helped their argument to let them out of the choo-choo.
We needed some space between them.

Will goofing off with Alex's sunglasses

Kate ready to go with Grandma

Julia just chillaxin'

Alex is all set.

Joanna helps Kate and Alex collect candy.

Will and Ana are expert candy catchers.

Paige was absolutely thrilled with a Tootsie Roll she picked up off the ground.
Luckily, she wasn't really interested in eating it-- just wanted to carry it around for a while.
Will hanging out after the parade eating some candy.
A good time was had by all. Will is very interested in soldiers and everything about them. We have "adopted" a soldier in Iraq we send letters and care packages to, so I explained to him that today is a day to remember the men and women soldiers who have died for our country. He understood it (at least as well as a four year old can), so I had to laugh at this. In the beginning of the parade, several servicemen were in uniform. They were all quite young and Will was very impressed with them and their cool uniforms. Then some Korean War and WWII vets came by riding on a truck. Will asked who they were. I told him, "They used to be soldiers. They fought in wars a long time ago."
Will replied, "And now they're just old men?"
"Yep. And they are lucky to have gotten to become old men."

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  1. So true on the last sentence!

    You are so brave to have let them all out! I only have 2 and I confine them as much as possible. I know it's sad but I don't know what else to do and keep them safe. I know you had a bunch of other people there though.

    The little girls had portraits made last week and there was a set of quads there. Probably turning 2. THey were gorgeous and I could not believe all 4 of them just sat there, smiled, and had their picture taken! I could barely get one of mine to take her picture and the other, well forget it! The last 3 times I've taken them for portraits she has flat out refused to even get on the backdrop. Anyway, yes, I bet the flags did make great sibling whackers, as do drumsticks and many other age-appropriate toys!