Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mommy's Little Monkeys

The babies have an animal picture book they love reading. We have started doing the animal noises and I crack up at my kids' hilarious animal sounds! Our favorite is definitely the monkey. My little monkeys are excellent monkeys, so tonight I recorded their monkey impersonations before bed.

Sweet little Paige was tired and grouchy and not very interested in playing monkeys with us. She gave us her Angry Monkey.

Drew really just wanted to get his hands on my phone and is not paying any attention to his monkey. He is the Distracted Monkey.

Izzie gives us her Jumping Monkey. Stella wants her moment on film, so she makes a brief appearance at the end.

I have to say Julia's Dancing Monkey is my favorite! She loves to do her monkey and makes me laugh every time! Never mind Drew walking past in the beginning with his pajamas half unzipped (I think he's going for a sexy Burt Reynolds look...).

(p.s. yes the girls' pajamas are on backwards, that's a whole other post!)

This is just one of many ways these adorable kids make me laugh every single day! I have such a good time watching them learn little things and seeing how they each put their own spin on everything. I'm a very lucky Monkey Momma!!!!!

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