Sunday, May 23, 2010

Question of the Week

What is the craziest thing someone has ever said to you about your multiples
and how did you respond?
When I saw this was the question of the week, I had to respond. We of course attract lots of questions and comments, but for the most part we get the same ones over and over. From time to time, someone will throw one out there that just leaves me scratching my head. Let's face it, people do not always think before they speak. Here are some of my favorites:
1. One of the first times I took the quads out in public, this lady (I would guess in her early to mid-twenties) came over and asked me if they were quadruplets. No biggie, everyone asks that. But when I said yes, she said, "I have always wanted quadruplets!" What?!? I love my children and would never give one back, but nobody wants quads! She even went on to tell me that she already has their names picked out, so I guess she has also determined their sexes. I just told her good luck and walked on, but I would love to go with her when she goes to the RE and asks for quads. I just want to see the doctor's face.
2. The quads' first Christmas we were at the portrait studio with all five kids and fielding a lot of questions. An older lady came over and told me that twins run in her family. I am still not entirely certain why she decided to tell me this, but she was a sweet little old lady, so I just smiled and said, "Twins also run in my husband's family." (Which they do. I know that twins on the father's side mean nothing, but we seemed to swapping meaningless facts, so I played along.) She gasped and said, "Oh! They must run in your side also!" Like she had just figured out how the quads happened. Twins + twins = quads, right?
3. I took the quads shopping one day while Will was at school. I was pushing the quad stroller and a lady walked over and asked, "Are they triplets?" I smiled and said, "Actually, they are quadruplets." She pointed to Drew and said, "Even him?" Poor Drew, aside from being the only boy in the set, he is about seven pounds heavier than the girls, so I actually get this question fairly often. What sets this woman apart, was her follow-up. I said, "Yes, he's a quad with them." She then looked at me and asked, "Are you sure?"
What?!?!?! Am I sure??? What woman does not know how many children she had and when? I simply said, "I'm their Mother. I am quite certain."
I'm sure that I could come up with some more if I thought a little longer, but you get the idea. We really hear it all...


  1. many teens and young women wants sextuplets since the Gosselin are famous. with kate, it seems so easy to raise them on the tv.

  2. LOL! I get the "are you sure?" comment all the time since my son is a few pounds bigger (and a whole lot tanner) than my daughter. Makes you wonder sometimes!

  3. Wait, are you sure sure? Hehe...that's so funny!

  4. I get the "Are they triplets?" alot too! Since Parker is my only girl they seem to think she isn't a part of the group with the boys. Do people think that she is an extra kid that just happens to be the same size as the boys? Maybe the thought of triplets is easier for people to accept than quads? Who knows!

  5. I love the baby math equation...makes perfect sense, huh?! :)

  6. It amazes me that people will argue with the mother of multiples, as if we don't have any idea what we're talking about.

  7. Oh, man ... these still have me laughing. I haven't gotten any super-weird comments yet (just annoying ones about how they were conceived, UGH), but that's probably because we still don't go out much. I suppose it's coming. Thanks for the chuckle ... I doubt anything that is ever said to me will top this list!!