Thursday, May 20, 2010

Say What?

The quads are 20 months old. They are at such a fun stage! It seems like everyday they are learning new words and phrases. Izzie and Julia have been speaking quite a bit for a long time, but Drew and Paige have really turned it on lately and constantly surprise me with words I didn't think they knew.

Some of my favorites:

-All of the girls (and now the whole family) call Drew "Bubby". I don't know where this comes from. I call him Buddy a lot, so maybe it's that or maybe it's brother? But they call Will by his name. Julia and Paige say it funny "Wee-ill"-like with a southern accent so it is 2 syllables. Izzie says it like "Wool." For a while I wondered why she said "whoa" whenever Will came in the room before I figured out it was "Will." Anyway, the Bubby thing has caught on. They know his name and if I ask his name they'll say Drew, but if they are talking to or about him, it's Bubby.

-One downside to having an older child is that you have a lot of toys that are not age appropriate that the babies are certain to find and fall in love with. All of the quads like Will's sit-n-spin, but Paige loves it. She initially loved it for the music it played (what is with all toys making noise now? I had a sit-n-spin when I was little and it never played music. I'm old.), but at that time, Paige was terrible about not wanting to sit on it. She thought it should be called the stand-n-fall-n-break your neck, so I had to keep her away from it. Now she knows to sit on it and can spin herself (of course still playing the music!) Anyway, this very long story is to say her favorite new word is "spin-n-spin." She is so cute! If it is in the other room, she'll stand at the gate and call "spin-n-spin!!"

-There is nothing like having a toddler with you all day to really show all of your quirks. They repeat everything they see and hear. I never realized how often I say the word "awesome" until Izzie picked it up. Now I know that I say it way too much! It is so cute though in her perky little girl voice awe-some!

-I probably shouldn't admit Drew's favorite new phrase, but here goes. The babies are learning their body parts. They know all of the basics, but we are filling in between the head, shoulders, knees and toes. I was pulling for "bottom", but my husband won out and they all now know where their "butts" are. Well, if you saw my first comment, you know that Drew is Bubby and he loves to walk around patting his big diaper bottom and saying "Bubby butt." I don't love the word butt, but how can't you love that?

-Julia is hilarious. She probably has the same or maybe even more words than Izzie, but she is quite shy. Izzie talks a lot. To anyone. Julia will talk at home, but is quite shy anywhere else. That is what makes this story so funny to me. At breakfast every morning, we sing songs. I've always sang to them, but the babies can now join me in singing a lot of the songs, so it more fun. We always sing the alphabet and an Alleluia church song, but I like to add others to mix it up some. We were over at my in-laws for dinner a week or so ago and the quads were all just walking around exploring a bit. Julia was across the room near my two sisters-in-law when they called me over. They asked if they were hearing her correctly, and they were. Julia was walking around singing, "We will, we will, Rock You!"

I love this age and I am having so much fun watching them learn everyday. I really need to get more videos (especially of our morning sing-alongs) because I know I will miss their sweet little baby voices when they get older and suddenly just sound like kids.


  1. Awesome!!! You definitely have more talking going on at your house than mine!!! Love that they call him Bubby, mine calle Gunner Bubba and Cannon Buddy and they made that up on their own!

  2. HA, hearing a little kid sing "We will rock you" is awesome ... especially when they can't say their Rs very well. :)

    Btw, I updated my Lilypie ticker this morning (finally) and now I see that I picked the same scene and babies as you. Sorry! (Not changing it, though, hehe.) :)

  3. Love this stage of talking, but not whining over here! Your's are toooo cute!