Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Hangin' Around

Nothing too exciting going on around here. We've been playing outside most days. The kids love it! They rush to the door yelling, "Owside! Owside!"

Paige going for a spin in the cozy coupe

Julia buckling up-- Good girl! Safety first!

Paige pushing her sissy

Will blowing bubbles

Drew chasing bubbles

This isn't that great of a picture, but I wanted to show our front yard. Some of you have commented on us playing in the front yard. This shows one more reason I love our house. We are the last house on the road-- no cul-de-sac, just the end of the road. (I believe the subdivision was intended to go further, but there was a property issue.) There is no house across the street from us, so there is no traffic at all in front of our house. Perfect for my crew!!

We even moved the sand table out front.

Paige and Izzie playing

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  1. That's such a great picture of Paige in her coupe...it looks like she's really concentrating on the road ahead! :)